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This New design face mask is ideal for the Blind and Visually impaired. It has a textured marker on the  outside which will enable them to easily identify the outside, ensuring correct re-application of mask if necessary when out and about.

It is also ideal for those who wear hearing aids, as there are no ear loops to comrpomise them.



The main features and benefits are listed below:


1. Very easy to put on and take of.

2. Very comfortable to wear.

3. Shaped to fit the basic contours of the face.

4  Provides a snug fit that creates a close seal on the face.

5 Tripple layered : 1 outer poly cotton layer. 1 inner soft cotton layer and 1 middle waterproof layer that covers your nostrils and mouth, to prevent the transfer of moisture and germs between yourself and the infected droplets in  the environment.

5. There is one elastic strap that sits at the back or crown of the head, this has been set to fit the average size head, but can be shortened or extended, by re-tying the ends to suit your needs.

6. The cup shape design covers your nose and mouth completely and sits well under your chin

7. It provides plenty of room to breathe and does not slip down when you talk.



Designed by a multi- award winning nurse with over 30 years experience of wearing face masks.