By Cintra Jaggan, Jun 26 2020 09:42AM

Face coverings have taken the spotlight and attracted overwhelming attention from the media; and thanks to the countless

people who have taken PPA and made face coverings for themself and others to help control spread of the virus.

What is PPA? Positive Personal Action, meaning to take every possible positive action to not contract nor spread the virus to another person.

From what I and others have observed, too many people are not respecting social distancing gaps, wearing face covering in an enclosed space, or cleaning their hands, despite having washing facilities and an abundance of hand sanitizer available; and these people will continue to contaminate handles of doors, shopping trolleys, basket, hand rails, etc, etc....

One of our biggest challenges, even before the covid 19, has been in keeping our hands ‘’clean’’ (contamination free) when out and about, which is not an easy thing to achieve, unless you have immediate access to hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser.

My aim is to share ideas to help reduce the amount of hand gel we are currently using and its’ associated waste, without compromising the risk of infection.

For this to be achieved successfully, we need the help and support of G&IPA

( Government & Industry on Positive action).


Idea #1: Some hand sanitiser bottles contain very good screw caps, which I have scusessfully refilled, so perhaps, larger bottles or refill dispensers in retail outlets or other public places, could play a positive role in providing an effective, low cost and low carbon approach.

Although we will continue to need HS (hand sanitiser), if we continue using it at the current rate, suggestion # 1 will bring, but minimal change.


Idea #2, is the number 1 choice for clean hands, because they are the main vehicles for transferring germs from surface to person or vice versa and person to person.

I am referring to hand washing; and in particular, FOOT operated, hand washing facilities Outside/Inside retail outlets, primary care centres (health), train stations, hospital and along its’ corridors, churches , schools, randomly in airports and abundantly in large communal spaces such as stadiums etc.

This idea need not involve any excavating, unnecessary pipe laying, business or road closures, because the approach I am considering is intended to be simple effective, cost effective and pro planet.

I aim to provide a demonstration of solution # 2 online between 7-13 July 2020.

I hope at this very moment, someone is trying to provide an estimate on the volume of waste plastic we can expect from commercial hand sanitiser bottles and what can G&IPA (Govt & Industry on Positive Action); and the people do to help reduce that.

I also feel it will also be useful to know how many people have suffered physical injury such as static burns (while gel is still wet on your hands) or traumatic eye splash; and how many children ingested a toxic amounts of same, requiring hospital admission

Humans are only too capable of doing what is possible, and if we were to eliminate the demand on Govt, industries and the planet by carrying a small hand towel and spare soap in our person? We will be doing the impossible.

Whether a business, town city, or nation decides to execute any of the two ideas, in support of their people and planet is left to be seen.

Welcome to my blog, here I explore multiple Covid 19 issues and Pro planet solutions to help restore maximum level of normality.

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