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  • Medical Futures Best Patient Care Award (Orthopaedic), London 2008
  • Medtrade Best New Product USA 2008
  • British Female Invention BFIIN) Gold Award winner, London 2007
  • British Invention Show award winner 2007
  • European Women Inventions (EWIIN) Silver award Berlin, 2007
  • GG2 Leadership and Diversity Award for Best Medical Innovation (GSK) London 2005
  • London African Caribbean Awards, Best Innovation 2005
  • Finalist at the 2014 Da vinci Assistive Technology Award USA)
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      Easy and simple
      Just had hip surgery and these are so useful for putting on pants. It works great. I clip the clips together and they will hang on most knobs etc. for easy access. Hanging on knobs etc. prevent it from dropping on the floor like many of the stick type dressing accessories.
      Janice E Chadwick


      There is no price on modesty and independence and to top things off, I got this neat and usefull product free. Thank you!


      I looked all over for pants puller-uppers. I had a hip replacement and I easily found every other helpful tool (socks helper, reacher) but couldn't find anything to help me get my pants on! This pant clip has great clips which hold on well to pants, even jeans, and the straps are so strong, I think it will last me a lifetime.
      Doris A Devine

      Just had hip surgery and these are so useful for putting on pants. It works great. I clip the clips together and they will hang on most knobs etc. for easy access. Hanging on knobs etc. prevent it from dropping on the floor unlike many of the stick type dressing accessories.



      A wonderful tool to help me getting dressed. Easy to use. A great product. Thumbs up!


      Greatest thing since sliced bread. Mom used it for over a year before she could regain her mobility. It holds clothes in place while dressing without slipping off garment. A must have for anyone who has difficutly bending especially after a hip-replacement.



      I am a 65 year old woman who lives alone, I was diagnosed with painful rheumatoid arthritis over ten years ago and for many years, I have suffered the indignity of having carers come into my home on a daily basis to help me dress myself.

      One of my major difficulties was reaching down to pull up underwear, trousers and pajama pants, not only was it a great challenge, I was often in severe pain and to add insult to injury, I was extremely embarrassed especially when male carers came in to assist me.

      Earlier this year, my eldest daughter who is familiar with computers carried out a search on pant pullers and came across Clip and Pull, needless to say she bought me a set of this divine product online!

      I have used Clip and pull everyday since to carry out these intimate tasks of dressing and also use it when removing the said garments so that no one is required to bend and retrieve it from the floor when I undress.

      Clip and Pull has changed my life in terms of my level of independence, dignity, safety and modesty with dressing and undressing.

      Thank you for providing this ingenious product which I believe will help countless people, furthermore, well done on the color coding of the product, it stands out amongst my things especially now that I have failing eyesight.

      My independence with dressing and undressing had been a great incentive and I get out more as a result of not having to wait on others to assist me , I have since joined an older people’s club and I have recommended Clip and pull to other club members .

      Once again, I thank you for Clip and pull it has changed my life.

      With kindest regards

        * * * *

      I am a 40 year old woman and ten years ago, I suffered severe arm injury in a motorbike accident, also known as a Trans Brachial Plexus Injury, this is when there is severe nerve damage and the affected arm has no motor function and varying degrees of pain.

      I live with my husband and although he is around to assist me at times, he is away at work, the time when I need help to dress. For a total of 10 years I have not been able to wear a dress with zipper at the back or front as it was not possible to pull up the zip with one hand unless my husband was there to assist.
      Clip and pull came as dream to me at the 2009 Trans Brachial Plexus Injury Association Annual meeting, when one of our members recommended your magical product. Initially, he recommended it for pulling up jacket zipper with one hand, but I immediately saw another benefit, Clip and Pull as a dress zip puller.

      On my return home, I immediately visited your website and purchased one. When Clip and pull arrived in the post, with much excitement I put Clip and pull to the test and was most pleased with the result.

      I first attached one clip to the zip lock, pulled on dress, reached for Clip and Pull with my functioning hand , I then sat on the tail end of my dress whilst holding strap end of Clip and Pull, this created tension at the end of the zipper; and I pulled up the zipper without effort using one hand. This was a super achievement on my part!

      Now Clip and pull serves me in more ways than one. It has given me independence and choices with dressing; and I successfully retain my dignity and without a doubt, thanks to Clip and Pull it has changed my life.
      Thank you for this neat little product, which I can take with me anywhere, should the need to dress arise.

      Yours sincerely

        * * * *

      I respond write on behalf of my 70 year old mother whose life has been transformed by Clip and Pull.

      She had a total hip replacement a few years ago, but continued to struggle to pull on underwear and trousers; as she is also diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

      Five months ago, during a brief stay in hospital, her Occupational Therapist recommended Clip and Pull, which unfortunately is not yet prescribed in our primary care trust. This is something I wish would happen soon.

      I used the information provided and purchased one from your website which she has been using every day since; and wants you to know that Clip and Pull has changed her life.

      She sends many thanks to you and clip and pull for helping her regain her independence and dignity with what she terms “intimate tasks of dressing”. What’s more she said that it has also removed her fear of falls when reaching to pull up or retrieve underwear and trousers.

      She sends her sincerest thanks for this pretty little product and wishes you best of luck in your business.

      Yours sincerely
      Margaret Chi

        * * * *

      I am a 65year old man who suffered a stroke five year ago and was left paralyzed down one side.

      I was discharged from hospital with basic assistance and getting dressed was one of the things my carers helped with. Despite their kindness, I remained embarrassed during this activity.

      Although I live with my 60 year old wife, she suffers with painful arthritis and reaching down to pull on underpants and trousers are a great strain on her hip and knee joints.

      On father’s day this year, our daughter gave me a Clip and Pull, embarrassed to try it in her presence, I waited until she had left before trying clip and pull and was truly delighted with the effectiveness of it.

      My wife remains very impressed with the performance of Clip and Pull and she now has a set which plays a great part in reducing her pain when dressing and undressing.

      Clip and pull has changed both our lives, we have regained independence and dignity with this essential task of dressing and I am especially grateful for having clip and pull as my balance is not compromised when I reach to pull on boxers and trousers.

      Warm regards
      Chris and Jane

        * * * *
      Many thanks. In answer to the questions, I am a 45year old man and I live with my wife.

      I broke my neck (C5/C6) in a riding accident eight years ago and lost most of the use of my legs. It is very difficult to bend down fully and I can assure you that Clip and Pull is the answer to my dreams ! It has definitely changed my life in terms of finally maintaining my dignity and independence with reaching to pull on underpants and trousers. There are other products which I considered such as "dressing sticks" but none have met my needs for this purpose.

      I have recommended Clip and pull to the Spinal Injuries Association ( SIA) where I am an active member They have their own magazine which reaches many people in the community with similar disabilities.

      Seven years of wondering how to get my trousers and underpants on ended by Clip and Pull.

      I had almost despaired about ever being able to put on my pants and trousers as I have difficulty bending down and only limited leg movement.

      Clip and pull has solved a seven-year problem of dressing myself unaided.
      How I found Clip and Pull: After a rather forlorn internet search I spotted Clip and Pull, modestly priced at about £10. This proved to be the answer to my prayers. Like many brilliant inventions it is very simple and appropriately color coded to prevent it getting lost amongst items of clothing.

      For me it has really worked. My carers are going to recommend it to all their other clients with the necessary amount of limb movement.

      Best wishes,
      Member of Spinal Injuries Association UK



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