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Below is a list of our products.


Clip and Pull is an innovative and multi-award winning device to help you dress with independence and dignity.


Please visit the Clip and Pull page to view a full demonstration of the product.


We are pleased introduce a New Design tripple layer fabric face mask that will not pose problems like existing fabric masks on the market; and a face mask hanger that will keep your masks in a dedicated space, thus reducing the risk of contaminating clean masks.

Please refer to details and images of products below.



New design fabric face masks by an award winning nurse with over 30 years experience of wearing face masks.


Main feature and benefits:


Its' cup like shape provides a snug and very comfortable fit; and consists of 3 layers: 1 inner soft cotton layer . 1 outer polycotton layer and 1 waterproof layer in the middle that covers your nostrils and mouth, to stop the transfer of germs and moisture from the environment to you.

It creates a close seal around your face, with plenty of room to breathe; and has one elasitcated strap that sits at the back or crown of the head.

A textured marker is applied to masks for the blind or visually impaired only.

This design does not have ear loops, making it ideal for people who wear hearing aids (behind ears), without compromising them.












To make a purchase, please visit the shop page, coming soon.


Mask Hanger (New)


It comprises of a webbing harness with loop at one end and jumbo easy squeeze clip that can hold up to seven masks by their straps.


It can be hung on a hook or looped around a closet rail. Coming soon on our shop page.  











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